What is this? Who did this? And what's the deal with all that music stuff at the bottom of the recipes? And most importantly... how can I get this guy a book deal? And...and...and.... Read on, my friend, read on.

 ·  Who's behind this?
 ·  Do we really need another cookbook?
 ·  But what makes this any different than my other cookbooks?
 ·  And what makes you think your recipes are any good?
 ·  C'mon - is anyone else besides you taking notice of Coming for Dinner?
 ·  Righteous. I've got a book deal for you. How can I get in touch with you?
 ·  So what's the the deal with the sketches at the tops of the recipes?
 ·  And the music at the bottom of the recipes?
 ·  And the quote on the bottom page?
 ·  OK, so what are you using for the site?
 ·  Are there any privacy concerns I should have while getting ideas for dinner?