The Pitch

Coming for Dinner is based around an attitude - that cooking isn't something that should be seen as particularly daunting. Pulling off a fancy or elegant dinner for you and your friends is a lot easier than you might think. It's simply a matter of having a few ideas, several tips and tricks up your sleeve, and the confidence to experiment. It expresses that it doesn't matter if you have a tiny studio with an even tinier kitchen or a huge place with a fancy center-island range. If you want to cook and entertain and not feel like you're behind the 8-ball, it's all about your attitude toward cooking.

Currently there are over 60 original recipes, with additional ones being added as they're re-tested. They are provided to demonstrate how to enhance recipes or come up with new ones as well as teach you new ways of thinking about cooking. It goes into what to serve with a main course, how to time everything so it's all done at once, and how to present the meal. Additionally, it discusses how to taste food - beyond just eating it - to recognize the flavors of various ingredients and begin to develop new recipes of your own. It shows how to substitute if you get home from the store only to realize you're out of a spice or ingredient you thought you had. It also covers the basics, and covers how to measure ingredients without needing to rely on measuring spoons or cups.

All in all, it's about having an attitude about cooking so that you can entertain guests and be able to enjoy yourself at the same time.