Luke Knowland was a cook for 11-odd years - starting off as a prep cook for an upscale, seasonal resort on Cape Cod back in 1983, and quickly moving up the ranks from breakfast line cook to backup chef. In 1988, he took over running dinner operations, bringing the number served nightly from 20 to 200 by introducing a nightly dinner specials board. In the early 2000's he did a stint in a fancy French restaurant in Tiburon, CA, as a refresher course to his early days in the industry. And in 2005 he was published in CHOW with a feature on "Team Cooking" and an article on "Fake Food".

Luke moved to San Francisco after grad school and started working in the internet industry, but has continued cooking and expanding his recipes, techniques, and ways of thinking about cooking. Only now it's for friends, and friends of friends, rather than professionally. Over the past twenty years they have encouraged him to write a cookbook so that they could have his dishes, even when they weren't coming for dinner.