Rosemary Rice

Basmati Rice with Rosemary and Onions

For 4


1 3" Branch of Fresh Rosemary (dice the leaves)
½ Onion (chopped)
2 T Butter
1 Cup Basmati Rice (or regular rice)
2 Cups Water


Put the onion and butter in a stock pot over low heat, cooking until the onion becomes translucent (about 8 - 10 minutes). When that's done, pour the cooked onion and residual butter into a bowl and set aside. Don't wash the stock pot - you're going to use it to cook the rice, so that becomes somewhat infused with the flavors.

You can do the above well before you're ready to make the rice - it just gets it out of the way so you can go relax and have a drink with your guests.

When you're ready to make the rice, pour the water into your unwashed stock pot, and set on the stove over high heat. When the water comes to a boil, pour in your rice, reduce the heat to low to medium-low, stir the rice with a fork, and set a lid over the top. Stir the rice with a fork every few minutes, to make sure it doesn't stick together (or to the pot).

After the rice has been cooking for around 15 - 17 minutes, see how much of your water is remaining (there shouldn't be much). Pour in your rosemary and the onion mixture you have in the bowl, stir it into the rice, cover the pot, and remove from the heat. Let sit for 5 minutes, then serve.