German Chicken

This has to be one of my favorite comfort foods. And easy as hell to make.

For 4


2 # Chicken Breasts (4 Breasts)
1 Box Ritz Crackers
1+ Stick of Butter
Black Pepper


Preheat the oven to 350°.

Cut 12 thin pats of butter, and lay them in the bottom of a pan (the pan should be big enough for your chicken breasts), so you have four columns of three pats of butter.

Depending on the type of box of Ritz you've bought, you've either got one bag filled with crackers, or three sleeves. Regardless, what you want to do is crumble them up. I find it's easier (and less messy) if you do this in the bag or the sleeve(s). If it's a bag, just grumble the bag between your thumbs and fingers, shaking the bag around so as to break up a majority of the crackers (but somewhat gently so you don't pop the bag and have Ritz crumbs all over the place). If it's sleeves, push in from both ends with your palms, gently, and grumbling with your fingers and thumbs.

Pour a layer of your Ritz crumbs over the bottom of the pan with the butter pats. Now, sprinkle some black pepper on your chicken breasts, and lay them in the pan over where your butter pats were. Cut another 12 pats of butter, and place three on each breast of chicken. Now pour your Ritz crumbs over the top and sides of the breasts, being sure to try and get them all good and covered. Cut up the rest of your butter, and put another three pats on the top of each Ritz covered breast, and toss the rest of the pats between the breasts and around the edges of the pan.

Since you'll want to serve Crispy Potatoes with this, put the potatoes in the oven first, and after those have cooked for a half hour, put the chicken in the oven.

Cook for about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.

Serve with the crispy potatoes and corn.


Good Prepping & Dining Music

Permanent Vacation

Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson
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