(Thursday Night Alternative to Grilled Cheese Sammies)
Back in the day when Friends was still entertaining, Thursday night revolved around grilled cheese sammies and tomato rice soup. However, one week I'd done up roasted chicken with andouille and shitake stuffing, and wanted to use up the leftovers from that fine meal. This is what ensued, and it was damn fine.

For 2


Leftover Chicken and Stuffing
Leftover Dirty Rice
½ T + Leftover Spice Mixture
½ Green Pepper (loosely chopped)
½ Yellow Pepper (loosely chopped)
½ Red Pepper (loosely chopped)
¼ + Bottle of Budweiser
1 Cup Tomato Juice
2 T Canola Oil


Remove all the remaining meat from your roasted chicken, and loosely chop it up into bite size pieces. Save the bones from the chicken - they make for a righteous stock! Chop your peppers into roughly 1" pieces.

Put a medium size stock pot over medium heat, and add your oil, peppers, ½ T + spice mixutre, and leftover stuffing, and stir. After around 5 minutes, throw in your chicken, and stir. Once the heat comes back up, add your tomato juice, and stir. Bring back to a hard simmer, and add your Budweiser (and you've now got the hardship of having to drink the rest of it as you're cooking. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.). Allow all of this to simmer for another 5 minutes, and add in your leftover dirty rice. Turn the heat down to low, continue to stir, and cook for another 10 minutes.

Serve in bowls, with a nice, icy cold Bud. Enjoy!

Good Prepping & Dining Music

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Ralph White
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