The Fastback

I've been drinking bourbon (or rye) with ginger ale (or ginger beer) for years, occasionally adding a few dashes of bitters to cut the sweetness of it.

While out for drinks with some friends recently, I was appalled to learn that my beloved go-to cocktail was showing up on cocktail menus at hipster joints with names that sounded like they came from a frat boy kegger. So my pal Dan and I came up with the idea to give it a real name, a name fitting for this slice of Americana, a name that you can proudly ask your bartender to make for you, without any fear of sounding like an ass. Thus "The Fastback", after the car Steve McQueen muscled through San Francisco in Bullitt.

Shortly after we named this, I asked for it by name at the bar we were at, and explained to the bartender how to make it. He liked it, and agreed it was the perfect name for the perfect drink.

For 1


3 oz. Bulleit Bourbon
1 oz. Ginger Beer (Fever-Tree, Fentimans, or Reed's Extra)
8 Dashes Angostura Bitters
Juice from one wedge of fresh lime
3 Ice Cubes


Place ice cubes in a lowball glass. Add your Bulleit, ginger beer, bitters, and lime juice. Stir. Garnish with the used wedge of lime.

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